The job market in March and April 2020 was tumultuous, and not only in ways we expected. Job seeker trends were holding steady, but changed quickly after the first CDC recommendations. Larger-than-normal unemployment benefits reduced job seeker demand. Work-from-home, warehouse, and healthcare hiring is more active than before the crisis.

Job Postings

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of states saw a decrease in job postings since the Covid-19 pandemic began. 28% of states saw a decrease of more than 50%.

The States with the biggest
decreases in job postings:

New York NY -58% +16%Warehouse
Illinois IL -57% +59%Warehouse
Texas TX -48% +78%Caregiving
California CA -47% +300%Warehouse

Job Seeker Clicks

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100% of states saw a decrease in job seeker clicks (job ad activity). Biggest drop in job seeker clicks were in these categories:

1. Hospitality

2. Construction

3. Automotive

4. Administrative

Biggest change was in California:

-69% Hospitality Hospitality icon.
+58% Warehousing Warehousing icon.

*Talroo Insights Data Feb 2020 vs. Apr 2020

Warehouse &
Logistics on the Rise

Increase in searches during Covid-19 crisis (only industry to go up)

*Feb 2020 vs. Apr 2020

Top companies currently
hiring Warehouse positions:

Grid of employer logos.

*Talroo Insights Data Apr 2020

The Epicenter:
New York City and
its Unique Economy

9 Million People

US Census Bureau

New Yorkers Spent

$8,082 PER YEAR

On food outside the home, including take-out.
This is 130% the national average.




Jobs Pre-Covid

Independent Budget Office, CBRE,
NY State Dept. of Labor

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Job seeker searches
decrease in these categories:

-90% Food Service
-76% Construction
-71% Facility Maintenance
-66% Lodging/Resort/Travel
Search increase icon.

Job seeker searches
increase in these categories:

+52% Warehousing
+42% Social Service
+24% Healthcare
+18% Electronics

*Talroo Insights
April 1st - 20th 2019 vs. April 1st - 20th 2020

Unemployment Rates & Demand Change:
March - April 2020

Specific sector rush on workers (healthcare, warehouse & logistics) as pandemic fears grow and unemployment rises. Unemployment claims spike, yet job seeker activity slows with fewer employers hiring combined with Covid-related government payouts.

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Talroo Insights Job Search Activity

Unemployment Claims

Week Ending

Job Seeker
Search Activity

February 29th: First reported US death

Job searches in Talroo’s network stay the same for most industries, but healthcare job searches go up week over week: allied health by 47%, nursing by 32%.

March 15th: CDC recommends social distancing and restrictions on gathering

Clicks on warehouse and retail jobs in Talroo’s network increase by 103% as the restaurant industry starts to falter.

March 27th : CARES Act Stimulus Bill approved

With government relief on the way, job seeker searches drop by 20% across all industries – even healthcare and warehouse, which are still hiring.

April 2nd: March unemployment claims top 10M (BLS)

As global Coronavirus cases top 1 million, job postings and job searches decrease across Talroo’s network, especially in education, IT, and nursing. There’s one exception: postings for remote work go up 2x.

April 15th: First stimulus checks and increased unemployment benefits hit

Americans making less than 70k start to see their $1200 checks deposited in their accounts, and for those on unemployment, expanded benefits start to hit – up to $600 per week.

April 19th: Protests against stay-at-home-orders begin at various state capitols.

Restless crowds fear that restrictions are hampering the economy and suppressing unemployment unnecessarily.

May 1st: Texas begins phased reopening of businesses

The Lone Star State joins Georgia on the front lines of reopening, allowing restaurants, malls, and movie theaters to operate at 25% capacity.

Job seeker activity is less than before the pandemic, even with unemployment claims mounting; the week-ending May 3 shows a reversal from the prior 4 weeks of job search trends as some states begin easing restrictions.


Job Seeker Search
March - April 2020

Source: Talroo Insights Data unless otherwise noted

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