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Legislative Limbo
& Job Growth

Millions of jobless Americans are in limbo as the weekly $600 enhanced unemployment benefit, provided in the CARES Act back in March, has expired with no formal continuation plan. Since the start of COVID-19, we have been analyzing labor market trends in real time, using our Talroo Insights data, and also surveying job seekers to see what they're looking for and how they are feeling.

As we settle into the “new normal” we are seeing fewer rapid swings, but more consistent patterns in who is searching for work, who is hiring, and how behavior varies from one city or region to the next.

In the news

COVID Unemployment insurance icon.

July 8th

Another 1.4 million Americans applied for unemployment insurance for the first time, bringing the total to 42 million since the start of COVID.

Harley Davidson icon.

July 9th

Harley Davidson to cut 13% of global workforce.

Disney World reopening icon.

July 12th

Disney World reopens despite uptick in Florida COVID-19 cases.

US map COVID shutdown icon.

July 13th

At least 27 states have begun to shut down again or have begun to require face coverings outside.

American Airlines icon.

July 15th

American Airlines plans to furlough up to 25,000 workers this fall.

Mortgage rate icon.

July 16th

30-year mortgage rate reaches lowest level ever at 2.98%.

Google icon.

July 26th

Google extends work from home orders until July 2021.

S&P 500 Index icon.

July 26th

The S&P is on track for its worst quarter of earnings growth since 2008.

Southwest Airlines icon.

July 27th

Southwest vows to keep staff, announcing they will not lay off, furlough or cut pay or benefits for any of its employees this year.

New York state icon.

July 29th

Uber and Lyft drivers won a court victory in their quest to secure traditional unemployment benefits from NY state.

CARES Act icon.

July 31st

Enhanced unemployment benefits under CARES Act expire.

5 million people icon.

August 9th

COVID cases in the US hit 5 million.

Democrat and Republican party icons.

August 10th

Democrats and Republicans are still negotiating an aid package, while Trump pushes executive orders.

Job seeker survey results

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We surveyed over 5k active job seekers in Talroo’s network through the month of July and found some interesting results.

How long have job seekers been
looking for work?

of job seekers in Talroo’s network have been searching for a job for less than a month.

There was ample reporting that enhanced unemployment benefits were enough for people to do without work until the expiration on July 31st.

Are people willing to move
to a new city for better
work opportunities?

24 percent circle chart.

Nearly a quarter of
respondents (24%) said yes.

Would job seekers consider taking a job for less pay than their previous positions?

Circle chart.

More than half (51%) of unemployed respondents would be willing to take a job for lower pay.

School icon.
About schools reopening...
of respondents did not want school to open...

whether they had kids at home or not. It seems that opening safely is a concern to everyone regardless of their personal circumstance.

Of the people who were affected by childcare…

People icon.
25 - 34 year-olds

with young children are most heavily impacted in work/job availability, with 57% saying that they are moderately to highly impacted.

Industries with largest increases in job postings in July

Hospitality icon.


Food Services

Warehouse icon.



Retail icon.



Trucking icon.



Healthcare icon.



vs. June 2020

Fastest-growing Cities

All eyes have been on some of the biggest states in the country, by population… California, Texas, Florida, and New York. We wanted to look into the economies of some of the fastest-growing cities instead, known for technology, lifestyle – and a price tag that’s slightly lower than New York City and San Francisco.

Here are the employers that are currently most active in hiring in Talroo’s network the week of Jul 25 - Jul 31:

US map of COVID statistics.
Colorado icon.


  • Amazon
  • Shipt
  • Uber Eats
  • Dish Network
  • Lyft
Nevada icon.

Las Vegas

  • Uber Eats
  • Pizza Hut
  • Universal Health Services
  • DoorDash
  • Care in Homes
Washington icon.


  • Amazon
  • Uber Eats
  • Amazon Web Services
  • University of Washington
  • Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Florida icon.


  • Baptist Health
  • Jackson Memorial University of Miami
  • School of Medicine
  • Pizza Hut
  • Uber Eats
Texas icon.


Uber Eats
Christus Health
Texas Health and Human Service Commission

Healthcare and home delivery are driving significant growth in these cities, which comes as no surprise as we settle into a new normal of managing COVID as best as possible. With people needing more essentials (and let’s face it, some days Pizza Hut is an essential) delivered to their home, and many people out of work are picking up flexible employment to make ends meet, a significant portion of the increase in the employment ecosystem are in the gig economy.

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*** Source: Talroo’s Insights business intelligence tool sifted through 6 billion points of data including job postings and job seeker activity from March - June 2020. Insights also provides major and minor job classification data as well as geographic data from the national level to cities and zip codes.