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February 29th: First reported US death

Job searches in Talroo’s network stay the same for most industries, but healthcare job searches go up week over week: allied health by 47%, nursing by 32%.

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March 11th: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for Covid-19

Coronavirus hits Hollywood as the beloved celebrities recover in Australia.

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March 15th: CDC recommends social distancing and restrictions on gathering

Meanwhile in Talroo’s network, clicks on warehouse and retail jobs increase by 103% as the restaurant industry starts to falter.

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March 16th: The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges nearly 3,000 points

In the worst drop since 1987, Coronavirus rattles the stock market.

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March 17th: Talroo moves to remote work

Along with employees from Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many more, Talroo’s team gets comfortable in their home offices for the foreseeable future.

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March 21st: Zoom hits 1 million downloads in one day

Whether it’s for work calls or virtual CrossFit, people get acquainted with the video conferencing app almost overnight.

Tiger King icon.

March 30th: Tiger King hits 34 million views on Netflix

Love him or hate him, Joe Exotic provided a much-needed distraction for a surprisingly large percentage of the population.

Starbucks icon.

April 1st: Starbucks Foundation donates $3 million to global COVID-19 relief efforts

The coffee chain joins The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ralph Lauren, Everlane, and more who are donating heavily to aid the WHO and other organizations.

Unemployment claims icon.

April 2nd: March unemployment claims top 10M

As global Coronavirus cases top 1 million, job postings and job searches decrease across Talroo’s network, especially in education, IT, and nursing. There’s one exception: postings for remote work go up 2x.

TikTok icon.

April 10th: TikTok hits 1 billion users in 150 countries

Even skeptical millennials join Gen Z on the trendiest social platform since SnapChat.

Stimulus check icon.

April 15th: First stimulus checks and increased unemployment benefits hit

Americans making less than 70k start to see $1200 checks deposited in their accounts, and for those on unemployment, expanded benefits start to hit – up to $600 per week.

COVID protest icon.

April 18th: Protests against stay-at-home orders pop up in Austin and other US locations

Small but vocals crowds appear at some state capitols to demand that the country be “opened back up.”

Lady Gaga icon.

April 19th: Lady Gaga’s “One World: Together at Home” draws over 20 million viewers

The virtual concert raises $128 million for the WHO and other coronavirus efforts.

Chipotle icon.

April 20th: Chipotle gets charitable with BOGO burritos

Company offers a free burrito with purchase of another to help feed frontline workers.

Netflix icon.

April 21st: Netflix reports nearly 16 million new subscribers in Q1

Streaming giant beats growth projections as people remain housebound – and couchbound.

Nintendo icon.

April 21st: Nintendo Hardware spending grew 63% YoY

People hunt for the Switch like it’s a virtual Black Friday.

Delta Airlines icon.

April 22nd: Delta airlines ends Q1 with $6 billion in unrestricted liquidity

Expects CARES Act payroll support of $5.4 billion; U.S. Treasury will receive warrants to purchase over 6.5M shares of Delta common stock.

Sourdough icon.

April 28th: Jake Gyllenhaal goes viral making sourdough

Bored actor partakes in the baking trend that’s so popular, stores are selling out of flour.

Jobless claims icon.

April 30th: US jobless claims top 30 million for the most recent six-week period

This number eclipses the job losses from the Great Recession, which saw 8.7 million jobless claims. (BLS)

Texas phased reopening icon.

May 1st: Texas begins phased reopening of businesses

Governor Greg Abbott allows restaurants, malls, and movie theatres to open at 25% capacity.

May 6th: Airlines say goodbye to the middle seat

Delta, United, and Southwest are only selling window and aisle seats since demand is down and the need for personal space is up.

Job seeker activity is less than before the pandemic, even with unemployment claims mounting. Week-ending May 3 data shows a reversal from the prior 4 weeks of declining job searches as some states begin easing restrictions.

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