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Need to hire pirates? It’s hard, and Talroo gets it. From terrible turnover rates, to abysmal safety standards, to questionable ethics, getting fully staffed and out to sea is a challenge.

Our Client Success Analysts apply their pirate-specific knowledge to manage your campaign, find you quality applicants, and get you pillaging in no time.

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What pirate candidates are looking for

Candidates are searching for a wide variety of job titles in piracy, from high-level positions like first mate and quartermaster, to entry-level jobs like deck hand or poop deck swabber.

Your dedicated Client Success Analyst can give you the full list of job classifications available, the most-searched seas, and how many pirates are looking for each title.

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“I be loving Talroo. They be staffing me for years now with crew of the highest caliber. And I mean crew that be ready to set sail, not some landlubber who be uploading his resume years ago!”

Bart McBowman

First Mate, Queen’s Quest

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“Talroo be the partner what makes us a force on the high seas. They be deliverin’ quality hires, less scurvy, and nobody be touching their candidate-to-hire rates...”

Ronald Longbeard

Captain, Midnight Marauder

We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out our April Fool’s content.

We had a blast putting this together, but the genesis here was our obsessively customer-oriented approach to job advertising… specifically, attracting great candidates from industries that are relevant to you and your job needs. Our data-driven approach uncovers unique, motivated, and qualified audiences – to help you hire better while saving money and time.

So make Talroo your first mate for delivering results!

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