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How to Make Hires
In a Job Seeker’s Market

What the labor market looks like today
by the numbers

The number of job
openings in June 2021

Numbber of job openings in June 2021.

Largest job opening increases:

Labor market industry numbers.







Total nonfarm job openings,
hires, and separations

March 2021 - June 2021



Lay offs and Discharges


How COVID impacted the workplace

Job seekers rethink
when where how
they work
COVID impact on the workplace chart.

Generational factors


Millennial job seeker icon.
Millennial job seeker stats.

Generation z

but now Gen Z is entering the labor force

Generation Z job seeker icon.
Baby boomer job seeker icon.

Baby boomers

Baby boomers were out of the labor force because of retirement in the first quarter of 2021

Generational labor force factors for 2021.

It’s a job seeker’s market

Job seeker market chart.

The new normal requires
an innovative talent acquisition approach

Think like a marketer and a closer

Meet your
where they are

an enjoyable



Remove friction
from the process

Right-facing chevron icon.

the candidate journey
is the key

Understand the job ad

Chart of job advertising statistics for 2021.
Chart of types of job advertisements.

Hire the best candidates by advertising your company & the job

Sell them on the mission, vision, and purpose

What’s in it for me? How does it impact society?

Job advertisement concept icon.

The job req is for compliance

Boost your brand

The marketing
rule of 7

A prospect needs to “hear”
the advertiser’s message at least 7 times.


Brand marketing icon.

Build your local employment
brand & apply for awards

Glassdoor example.

Avoid common pitfalls

Ghost icon.

Applicants waiting to hear about applications

Job seeker phone icon.

Not meeting job seekers on their preferred channels

Job application icon.

Cumbersome and redundant application process

Firms that contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query are much more successful than those that try to contact the customer later.

Job seeker pitfall metrics 1 chart.
Job seeker pitfall metrics 2 chart.

Activate new channels

Example of different job advertising channels.

Job seekers:

Would you be interested in receiving texts, emails, and/or chats, to learn more about a job before you apply?

Job seeker survey chart.

Fix your disconnects


of job seekers are using mobile devices during their search

Talroo logo.


of their users today are looking for jobs on their phones

Glassdoor logo.


Did you require candidates to submit a resume when submitting a mobile job application?

Recruiter survey chart 1.

Job seekers:

Do you have a resume saved to your mobile device?

Job seeker survey chart 2.

Be the job seeker


About how long does it take for a candidate to fill out your job application?

Job seeker survey chart 1.

Job seekers:

What’s the most amount of time you’d spend applying for a job?

Job seeker survey chart 2.

What to do now





Candidate response time icon.

Add autoresponders & track your candidate response time

Job seeker conversion funnel icon.

Track your conversion funnel

Resume contact information icon.

Get as much contact information before the resume

Customer list icon.

Leverage your customer lists

Think like a marketer

Think like a marketer graphic.
Phone icon.

Meet candidates
where they are

Job seeker experience icon.

Their experience is key
it builds your employer
brand for better or worse

Job advertising icon.

You’re advertising
the opportunity –
not just posting a job

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